always always always a bridesmaid

if i were to die tomorrow i’m pretty sure the inscription on my tombstone would read, “a wonderful daughter, sister and bridesmaid.”

i’m 23 and i’ve been in 5 fabulous weddings in the last two years…wowzers. 

as of two days ago, i was asked once more to share the day every little girl dreams of with one of my very best friends. now for some, being in a wedding is a drag as you have to spend more money (dress, gifts, hair, makeup, shoes. etc.) and of course your time…but not me.  i love weddings!

if you have ever seen 27 dresses, that pretty much sums me up….i’m jane.haha

if you’re struggling understanding why i love weddings so much, here are my top 5 img_2555aspects of every wedding.

BEST WEDDING MOMENTS…according to me.

bachelorette party
ok so i know this is before the wedding but…who doesn’t love a good bachelorette party?! put-in-bay, pittsburgh, cleveland, wine tours, penis pops, spas, and my all-time favorite….twerk shops! haha bachelorette party shenanigans are the absolute best!

>the gown glow

IMG_2590 the way a imag2067_1wedding gown can transform a girl into the best version of herself is just magical…seeing your friend walk
with such confidence. it’s one of those things that makes you excited for your own special day.

> the look
the way the groom looks at the bride when she makes her way down the aisle has to make everyone’s top moments of a wedding. the happiness, the love and a tiny glimpse into the love they share is expressed on that man’s face. for any of you who don’t believe in love anymore…go to a wedding and take a look at the man marrying the woman of his dreams. it restores my faith in true love again and again.

umm…cake!!! i love all kinds of cake. and weddings are the best places to try cake! as everyone is now making a transition into cupcakes instead of individual slices, it allows for you to get with friends and test out different, typically delectable choices.

> dance your pants off
when all formalities have been taken care of making your way out to the img_20141012_081313dance floor to dance with that random hot stranger has to be one of the best parts of any single girl’s night.  a time to let your guard down and just be happy.

as for now, i’m happy with my infamous mantra…
“always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”

until next time,


words can be so simple. yet can evoke such emotion.

“so…would you like to get coffee sometime?”yes

“i’m pregnant”

“hawaii for a honeymoon?”

“will you marry me”

“he passed away”

“i do”

“i don’t think we are meant to be together anymore”

all of which i have heard from friends, myself, and old friends.
all of which have brought revisions and advancements in life.

such tiny words can bring such great change.

never underestimate the power in your words and the value they can hold.

until next time,

traveling…the real definition

distance. scenery. location.

img_20141004_225224those are the three most common reasons i hear for why people travel.  if this is you, i’m sorry. so sorry. what poor reasons to go somewhere….traveling should be more than running from something or someone. it should be more than a beautiful picture. and it should definitely be more than a commonplace of desire chosen based on mere comparisons and opinions.

travel to me is exploring….doing crazy things with crazy people at most often crazy and “inconvenient” times. do trips have to be weeks upon weeks long?..absolutely not! but what they have to be is worth it.


| do something you have never done |
when is the last time you did something for the first time? if it’s been a while…sounds like you have a trip to make! it’s life changing. you always end up learning something about yourself which is pretty awesome if you really think about it….we think we know ourselves but can we really know ourselves that well if we are always being surprised??? lol

| talk to as many people as you possibly can |
when you talk to people….you gain so much insight into the world and your perspective changes so drastically. for example…i met a king outside union station once in Washington, D.C.; however, i would have never met him if i would not have stepped outside my comfort zone and talked to the guy in the gold crown and long royal blue cloak wandering around aimlessly. seriously so cool!

| make yourself the priority |
if you don’t want to pay $100 in traveling expenses, then don’t. if you want to run up the steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art like Rocky [bucket list], then do it!!! also a common misconception about traveling…you don’t have to go a million miles away to travel haha …you can go ten minutes down the road if that’s what interests you. just like anything else in life…traveling is all in what you make it.

to live is not the same as living just as to travel is not the same as traveling…

until next time,

all in

go all in.

no second guessing.spectacle

no wondering what someone else may think.

if you’re happy, smile widely.
if it’s funny, laugh deeply.
if you’re sad, cry hard.
if you’re mad, yell loudly.

there’s the show, the perception..then the truth.

live life in real, raw emotion.

create no false reality.

are you all in?

until next time,

so rachel….i mean jordan!!!!

today i bought tickets to the patriots vs. colts game (GO PATS) and i am ecstatic to say the absolute least!!..but it reminded me of my last professional sport game i attended…

jakeit started as an awesome birthday surprise! i had been on a few dates with this guy..lets call him the joker..and he said let’s go to Cleveland for the night for a game.. which of course…i was all in!! It started off great except i did notice his loafers and v neck…like where are your tennis shoes and regular shirts? i overlooked his poor choice in attire and trudged on because it was beautiful weather, dollar dog night, and i had to pay nothing!! in my eyes…couldn’t have got much better and then the red flags came trudging in…

“so…how does it feel to be with the best looking guy in the stadium?”

i laughed it off as i thought…there’s no way he seriously thinks he is better looking than jason kipnis like let’s be real here.

“I’m ok.  no hot dogs for me.”

is it not dollar dog night?!!…welp…don’t mind me eating my life away in hotdogs! haha

..but really how does it feel to be with the best looking guy in here?”

to which i replied, “well i’m not with that guy over there…so i’m not really sure.” like really?!!!

let’s go to the casino.”

it was the 4th inning!!!! thanks. haha…sure enough we left in the 5th. and after a short-lived trip to the casino we wind up back in the car where i found only more joyous encounters with this wonder of a “man”…

taps his cheek with two fingers
“what are you doing?” -jae
“well i wanted a kiss.” -the joker

i’ve been on two dates with this guy and he’s using commands to get a kiss?! hello mr. joker….I AM NOT A DOG.

“so rachel….i mean jordan”tom
“um…you just called me rachel.” – jae
“no i didn’t…or did  i?…oh i’m’s just a stupid name!!”

…what a joke. needless to say that was the joker and i’s final encounter haha

but here’s to accidentally spilling a drink on a random hot stranger who loves the pats as much as i do…and if not…i won’t hesitate to dream of Brady and Gronkowski…that’s some serious eye candy and “jordan gronkowski” doesn’t sound too bad either!!


until next time,

perfect timing.

life is all about the timing…

timing can make or break a kiss, a relationship or in my case…a killer batch of cookies!

timeit’s one of the things i struggle most with… having the patience to not only understand but to accept that everything may not happen when i originally intended or expected it to, but the timing is perfect all the same. nothing will happen too soon or too late…but when we are ready.

some things can simply shake you while others try to absolutely destroy you…but knowing it all happens for a purpose can be the one thing to get you through because you may be seconds away from divine intervention and perfect timing.

until next time,

yes, i’m single….SO WHAT?

more often than not people ask the dreaded question…

soooo….are you seeing anyone yet?”

the answer is no. and that is single 1OK…sure, maybe you think i shouldn’t be or whatever but it is ok to be in your 20’s with a great job and be single. and it isn’t only ok, but it’s great! good for us for being able to live and survive without the assist from anyone else.  in my opinion doing life on your own takes a little bit of skill…not a lot…but a bit to keep yourself alive and well without the help of anyone.

the answer is also no…i don’t have anything wrong with me.  just because i am single does not mean i have a complex or some weird thing going on that makes men run for the hills…

it’s so fun to be exactly who you want to be day in and day out without having an effect on anyone else. and if you are super happy single…no healthy relationship will compromise that – why settle for anything less?? being single can suck just like being in a relationship can suck…if you aren’t happy, change something.

it’s that difficult, but it’s also that simple.

until next time,